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 +====== TYF - Ideas and Suggestions ====== 
 +\\  "Great idea the art thankfulness is regaining ground."​\\ \\ “//Dear Steve,// \\ //Thank you so much for being a source of encouragement to me. Even though you may not know it, your encouragement and kind words have meant a lot.”—Nancy. //\\  \\ Have you ever received an unexpected note of gratitude? If so, such an expression no doubt warmed your heart. After all, it is natural to want to feel valued and appreciated. \\  \\ Expressions of thanks tend to deepen the bonds between the giver and the recipient. \\  \\ Regrettably,​ personal expressions of gratitude, verbal and written, seem to be increasingly rare. If we are not alert, the pervasive lack of gratitude evident today could smother any tender feelings of appreciation that may rise in us. \\  \\ What practical steps can parents take to teach their children how to show appreciation?​ To whom should we express our gratitude? \\  \\ **Within** **the** **Family** **Circle** \\ Parents work hard to provide for their children. Sometimes, though, parents may feel that their efforts are unappreciated. What can they do to remedy this situation? Three ingredients are necessary. \\  \\ **Set the Example.** As with most aspects of child training, example is an effective teacher. Parents who express appreciation to each other show their children that such expressions give pleasure to the recipient, improve family relationships,​ and are a sign of maturity. \\  \\ For instance, a father can set the example for his children by thanking his wife for dinner. What will be the result? Your children will notice this and it will help them to be more aware of showing gratitude. If you are married, do you regularly say thank you to your mate for doing daily chores that are easily taken for granted? Do you say thank you to your children, even when they do what is expected of them? \\  \\ **Training.** Feelings of thankfulness are like flowers. They need to be cultivated to produce the best results. How can parents help their children to cultivate and express appreciation?​ \\  \\ Parents, can you train your children to think about the effort and generosity behind any gifts they receive? This type of meditation is the soil in which appreciation grows. It requires time to sit down with your children and explain to them what is involved when someone gives a gift—that someone thought about you personally and wanted to show how much they care about you. But it’s worth the effort. Such conversations help children to learn not only //what// they should say when expressing appreciation but also //why// they should say it. \\  \\ How can very young children be helped to show appreciation?​ Encourage your children to contribute to the thank-you notes that you write, perhaps by drawing a picture that could be included or by signing their name on the card. True, the picture may be simple and the handwriting unrefined, but the lesson children learn from this act is profound. \\  \\ **What** **About** **Friends** **and** **Neighbors?​** \\ When we fail to say thank you, we may not be ungrateful, just forgetful. Is it really that important for us not only to feel appreciative but also to express our gratitude? What about us? When someone treats us well, are we quick to say thank you and, where appropriate,​ to show appreciation by sending a written note? \\  \\ Therefore, sincere expressions of appreciation are not only a sign of good manners but also an evidence of love. \\ Ask yourself, ‘When was the last time that I thanked a neighbor, a workmate, a schoolmate, a hospital-staff member, a storekeeper,​ or somebody else who helped me?’ Why not keep a record for a day or two, marking down the number of times that you actually do say thank you or write a thank-you note? Such a record may help you see where you can improve in expressing appreciation.
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