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Turkshido - What is a Turkshido?

This wiki is for brainstorming Mturk HITs started by Lifebushido and provide tools to make it easier for Mturk workers to find more work on Mturk.
Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours, & using their unique talents. Join us!
If you have any questions, suggestions or you're just confused? Please email us at mailto:mturkhit@lifebushido.com

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mturk.com ) allows Requesters to submit Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to a virtual global workforce. Lifebushido has actively submitted creative and research tasks to mturk.com since 2006. See Tips on Turkshido - tips on doing Lifebushido HITs.
Version: 3/1/13 by Steve

Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.
Lifebushido creates business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures to help everyone focus on their unique talents.
See http://www.lifebushido.com/
Join a Lifebushido Triangle at http://lifebushido-triangle.wikispaces.com/.

See a mix of our crowdsourcing efforts at http://turkshido.wikispaces.com/ and contribute your ideas.

Lifebushido used Mturk to publish the world's first crowdsourced book in 2006

  • Why Are You Here Right Now?

See all Lifebushido HITs at https://www.mturk.com/mturk/searchbar?searchWords=lifebushido

You (that means you reading this) can help improve this wiki by editing, adding, or making comments under Discussion. This wiki is open to anyone to improve. We are not sure of the direction it will go. Perhaps it could also become a general resource for people working on Mturk, in addition to specifics about Lifebushido HITs. Just choose EDIT on upper right to edit a page and add new pages. See Help at top to learn about using Wikispaces.

- Jan 2015 HIT

- Mturk Feb 2015 - beta test

- MTurk Feb 2015 - book content

  • MBA Virtual Intern

- MBA Virtual Intern related projects

- Undergraduate school research for the Lifebushido Virtual Intern Program

  • Brainstorming

- general idea brainstorming page

  • What To Do - brainstorming page about Turkshido and Mturk
  • Microventure Websites

- Create wiki page reference summaries of top business books

  • Goals - Write Annual Goals - people writing annual goals
  • Research Topics

- general research projects

- steps to tell entrepreneurs about Lifebushido

  • Vertical2 - Lifebushido expansion to small business entrepreneur market - market launch
  • Creative Projects
  • Coffee Stories - project to create Coffee Stories book and other media. NEW – Coffee Stories – Sign Up for Email Updates
  • Thank You Forward - a creative project to have people give thanks to three people in their life and Thank You Forward

- bushido project for VA earthquake started 8/23/11 at 2:27pm

- links to interesting people

- brainstorming some Happy Friday client idea - don't ask. :)

- shout out to Al Stasek 3/13/18

  • Other

- book summary info

- youtube test

  • Other Steve

- ideas from everyone

- planning for India trip

- kudos on Lifebushido stuff

- complaints negatives on Lifebushido stuff

Recruiting Pages

- help recruits get a job with Lifebushido, or another company, and identify Perfect Job and Unique Talents

- steps to signup for Quickbase online database

- tasks for recruits and others

Older Inactive Projects Below

Client Temp - temp client files

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