Getting Involved with Coffee Stories

This page is for people who want to get involved. See Coffee Stories for top-level wiki page for Coffee Stories.
Version: 7/22/2009

Coffee Stories continues to percolate through the world of Mturk and now spreads beyond…

Steps to Get Involved

  • See current HITs by searching for 'coffee' on Mturk. Current Hits include making a book on Blurb, passing out flyers at local coffee shop, doing a video or powerpoint, and others.
  • Project areas - you may want to choose one of the following areas and we will connect you with project lead:
  • Coffee Shop Owners - contact local coffee shop owners to have them distribute flyers for free ebook
  • Free Distribution of Ebook - post to various websites, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter for free ebook
  • Videos - see above and make a video
  • Creative Media: Do some creative media such as a Blurb book version coffee table using, audio readings, music, cartoon, comic, manga version, get creative.

Status of Project

  • Coffee Stories was started in summer of 2008 and we gathered over 500 stories in first year, very slowly.
  • Draft ebook was published in June 2009.
  • Paperback will be published in August 2009.
  • Other creative media will happen only if people out there make it happen.

Other Topics

  • Compensation: Lifebushido does business profit, creative, and charitable/social entrepreneur projects. Coffee Stories is currently just creative but hopefully will become business profit and social entrepreneur. Some of you would like to help and volunteer. Some of you would like to get paid. Both approaches are fine. If you want to get paid, do the HITs on Mturk under Coffee Stories and/or apply for part-time job with Lifebushido.

Let’s start a dialogue:

  • What should we do with Coffee Stories?
  • How do you want to be involved? What is your unique talent?
  • Do you have any questions about Lifebushido, Coffee Stories, or me?
  • Think Big – what would be the most amazing outcome of Coffee Stories looking forward 1,000 days from now? What would be your role?

Oh, by the way, if you want to, you can officially now call yourself a Turkshido. We are still trying to figure out what that actually means! Perhaps you can help…

Leaders of Coffee Stories
These are a few people you may be connecting with and their background.
Jennifer Young

  • My name is Jennifer Young, and I live in North Pole, Alaska. I have worked with Lifebushido since the spring of 2006. During this time I have done graphic design, book pubishing, editing, virtual assistant tasks, and much more. Coffee Stories interests me because I enjoy the creative process that manuscripts must go through from idea conception to a printed book in my hands. Lifebushido believe that Anything Is Possible! I like to be involved in projects that proves that is true. I am currently helping with all aspects of production services to include editing, layout, writing, and marketing endeavors.

Gaylene Calvert

  • My name is Gaylene from Logan, Iowa. I have been with Lifebushido since October, 2008. Coffee Stories interests me because I am fascinated with real life stories; this is a fabulous opportunity to bring in unique stories from all over the world. When we put these together, I think it will demonstrate that we are all very similar and only set apart by geography. I am currently helping with editing the content and motivating a group of professional-level interns to work on the effort and bring out their creative ideas.
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