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 + This page is for HIT results of business plans for crowdsourcing Mturk Book\\ ​ Version 2/6/15 by Steve\\ \\ **HIT Results**\\ [[https://​requester.mturk.com/​mturk/​manageHIT#​|A1J4INYRDDX84W]]\\ ​ The Dear Mturk guide to Mturk land. A book about dealing with legitimate work on the internet would be good. I would like to work with this topic of making money online because it could help me as well as others. This is a fantasy style book full of real information about the dos and don’ts of working on Mturk. There is a lot of useful information the Mturk site may benefit from as well. This book is full of questions and solutions. This is a book full of useful advice about making Mturk a merrier place to be! Perhaps the Mturk community could come together and create a book together. Survival stories are good too. So another option could be called The Survivor’s Guide to Mturking it. Whatever the subject, this book is a fun filled yet realistic Mturk guide to making real money online and having fun in doing so. Some examples here are as follows: This book should have an index with Amazon and Mturk staff and their direct contact information. Information should be clearly listed about things such as why workers are blocked and information on how far apart blocks can be before workers get blocked from Mturk. This is the Mturkers handyman’s guide to surviving the wonderful world of Mturk. Everyone who works on Mturk should have a handy and useful guide about this Mturk website. It could benefit many of us who are lost with this site. My book would explain in great detail all the things we do not know when we first get involved with Mturk. I went on this site as a newbie several years ago and wish I knew more at that time when I was a new member because I made mistakes that caused my work reputation to drop. Reputation is very important here. The reputation allows workers to earn more money work with better hits. Another suggestion is as follows below. The Magic of Mturk land. My book is about creating real money making magic in Mturk land. Everyone is happy and equal in my Mturk land. The requesters are not allowed to cheat workers and there is always a second chance to do better instead of getting blocked. With a zap of my Mturk wand there are more bonuses and bad requestors are zapped from Mturk land. In Mturk land there is no greed only happiness and fairness. In this book we all work together as one. There is more work to be done in Mturk land and plenty for everyone. All hits work and there are no scams or spam allowed because they are immediately censored and zapped.\\ \\  Some questions and topics may include the following: Fairness and equality in Mturk: Example; I would like to know why requestors on Mturk are allowed to block Mturk workers yet the workers can not block requesters? A system should be set up where Mturk workers have more rights in this Mturk world and can block requesters. Some Mturk hit ideas are as follows: Add more hits in English. Create more hits that are for older age groups. A suggestion to Mturk, When one hit goes into several parts charge the requester more because this is like doing more than one hit for one set amount of payment. Either count a hit with many parts as extra hits or be specific and tell the worker exactly how long this hit will be. Some ideas, hits state you have a certain amount of time. Yet the work becomes endless at times and goes past the specified time limit. A timer could be added. Create apps that work better for Mturk. Mturk should reward workers who gain bonuses from requesters and take the bonuses into consideration more before blocking workers. Some advice to the Mturk headmasters. Remove old hits and hits that expire or do not work immediately. Ban requestors who do not follow Mturk rules such as when requesters ask workers to download anything that violates Mturk policies or join a website requiring Mturkers to give up private information. Require all hits to be longer than 5 minutes. Hits connected to spam tend to be very quick hits usually under twenty minutes. Enforce website rules and policies when requesters attempt to spam Mturkers.\\ \\  A budget could go as follows: The best option if possible self­publish your own book. This is a sample budget. Example out of a budget of $1000. Crowdsourcing fees 15% editing fees, 35% compiling fees, 40% marketing fees, content fees 20% Printing and digital copies through book publishing companies cost about $250.00 for 600 book copies out of about a budget of $6000. It’s easier cheaper to do work with digital E­books. Digital books have a stronger book marketing base lately too.This book should be filled with questions and answers explained in specific details about the wonderful and magical expanding world of Mturk land and what every potential Mturker should know and learn before proceeding onto Mturk land. It would be nice if there was someone Mturk workers could contact with a phone number clearly connected to MTurk. Another great idea is that Mturk could have a rewards store connected to Amazon where Rewards such as gift cards are offered as pay. Perhaps some Mturk games such as slots could be added as hits to make the website more exciting. A bonus hit wheel for Mturk workers would be a lot of fun. More hits on evaluating Mturk could work. Hits on life questions such as what is your life purpose might work too. Hits such as what would you do if you were the only 1 on earth? or another question like How do you feel about the homelessness increasing in America? could be helpful. Expand the world of Mturk and make Mturk a more creative and valuable place to be. When the hits work the workers work as well. The more we all learn the more we all can earn. Make Mturk a happier more profitable website and keep the spammers out at all costs!\\ \\
 +[[https://​requester.mturk.com/​mturk/​manageHIT#​|A2QQY4S73JO639]]\\ HI Steve,\\ This is victor from india. I worked for your last project as well. Lifebushido anything is possible...the composer and singer of that song. This time its again matter of pleasure to work with you. I have some great ideas in my mind. Which i am going to share with you.\\ \\ I would like to start from your last question which is “Which book topics do you like best to pursue and why?”\\ Ofcourse everyone would like to read the topic which is directly associated to his need or interest. And when it comes to india especially i think we should concentrate on youth readers as india is a young country. So i would suggest the topic that we should collect the stories of successful enterprenuers in their young age. Who they have made millions under the age of thirty. I would like to introduce those people who they didnt have millionairs god father or financial backup. Who they themself are there godfathers.\\ In short i would suggest to make a motivational book for youngsters. Which will include the success stories of youngs. The title can be “a long race without petrol” because they didnt have backup.\\ The reason behind choosing this idea is this...now a days unemployment is on peak in india. Every young needs an guidence to start something but they need a correct way or motivation. We would collect and publish thousand of success stories. Which will create sparkle in young minds.\\ Next the qustion is how we will collect the data. Who will collect the data.\\ We will invite enterprenuers directly to submit there stories on international platform. It will be done by local advertisement media.\\ Second we can add in local newspapers for stories submissions.\\ Third we can appoint some mturkers for this task \\ Fourth we can appoint mturkers to go and take direct interview of those successful enterprenuers\\ So this way we can collect successfull stories.\\ Then the question arises what would be the budget for all that stuff\\ The budget will be decided according to the source of advertisement. Like if we are promoting it on local newspapers then it will cost nearly $80-100 for one state advertisement.\\ If we appoint our mturkers to directly visit the enterprenuers or call them to collect data then we can offer them $20-50 according to the person whose story they are going to submit.\\ Third if we directly call enterprenuers to submit there stories there is no charge of middlr person but we need to spend on advertisement. Again if we go for tele advertisement it will cost us in lacs but if we advertise in newspapers it will cost us i mentioned above.\\ Second if we have limited budget\\ \\ Then we can invite business ideas which are already proven successful from our turkers side. Which they can arrange by their surroundings. For that we can generate mturk hits. Like we can generate 500 hits. I hope out of 500 we will atleast get 200 of data which is very fruitful and meaningful to us.\\ Actualy what we need is to collect the data of successful enterprenuers by hrook or crook.\\ \\ Strategy\\ We can customise our plan to the enterprenuers between the age of 14-35 only.\\ We can assure them to promote them worldwide. So that we can attract them.\\ We can promote there stories in schools colleges so that everybody can go through by their success stories . \\ So ths way we can attract enterprenuers to give us their stuff.\\ \\ Marketing\\ \\ If we actualy got success to collect the right data from right people. It will be a blasting book for carrer finders. \\ We can market it on indian book stores phusically.\\ We can market it on internet.\\ We cn promote it in schools and colleges as everybody finds the way to succcess.\\ We can promote it in businessmens and everywhere.\\ Just we need to implement a right content at right pages.\\ I request you to please positively look into this idea. This is superb one. As i see near by its the demand today. \\ I personaly ensure you if this idea comes into the words in books it will be the most successful idea we will ever have.\\ Rest if you have any querry regarding this plan you can contact me at \\ [[mailto:​Vaibhav452001@gmail.com|Vaibhav452001@gmail.com]]\\ I am always there for u\\ Thanks\\ Vaibhav tiwari\\ ---\\ \\ [[https://​requester.mturk.com/​mturk/​manageHIT#​|A8KQ2KEWERV6F]]\\ \\ \\ **Leaders Needed to Publish Crowdsourced Mturk Book**\\ \\ This is a plan to join other Turkshidos to publish a crowdsurced mturk book. The book I like the most is “The Worst Advice My Parents Ever Gave Me” because I feel it has so much promise and naturally connotes an entrepreneurial tilt. The plan I have is laid out as follows\\ \\ 
 +  - 1. __Budget Decision: __This is difficult but I will be breaking this down into and editing budget, compilation budget and marketing budget.
 +\\ \\ 
 +  - a. __Editing Budget:__ This can be done several ways but the easiest might be using Mturk itself. One way to go about this is to use a chapter by chapter basis. For example, for each chapter, we can post a hit (say for somewhere between $2 to $5) for editing the chapter and offer a $0.10 bonus for every grammatical or other error found in the chapter. The hit should ask a control question from the chapter to ensure the workers read the chapter before submitting the hit and this will be the basis for acceptance or rejection of the hit. We can peg the budget at say $1000 per chapter and hence only stop access to the hit after 100 people have accepted the hit. We can always re-open the hit if at the end of processing the 100 hits submitted we have not exhausted our $1000. If we assume we will have 10 chapters of the book, then a budget for editing will be around $10,000. Also, at this stage, we should track and keep in touch with the best workers during this editing hit phase.
 +\\ \\ 
 +  - b. __Compilation Budget:__ After the chapters have been edited, the compilation should be easy and we can then send out a second hit on compilation only to the best 5 to 10 workers on the editing it. This hit amount should be substantial,​ say $100 and we might think of doing a qualification for it so as not to waste time (i.e. do not accept the hit and hold it u if you know you won’t have time to work on it). We could even divide the compilation into 3 parts, i.e. one person compiles chapter 1 to 3, the other chapters 4 to 7 and so on. At the end, we’ll have a final hit for a final compilation which should go the best compiler worker from the compilation hit. This final compilation hit should also pay about $100. Hence a budget for this phase should be about $500.
 +\\ \\ \\ 
 +  - c. __Marketing Budget: __This is also hard due to its very subjective nature but one way to do this is to post a hit for people to be paid say $1.00 to post a link marketing the book on any of their social media profiles and then posting the link on the hit page for verification. We could do about a thousand hits for this and hence a budget of $1000 should suffice.
 +---\\ \\ [[https://​requester.mturk.com/​mturk/​manageHIT#​|A21WD8MH6YCNNI]]\\ I believe that a good idea for a topic for an ebook is things that make our life easier. From new, affordable technology to steam mops. With the new generation and technology available to the public that many are unaware about, people can make their lives a little easier with knowledge from hits on mturk. \\ Some Hits that are conducted could be focused on different life made simpler gadgets and services. This could also lead into affiliate marketing. Hits could also be about our daily life and how we organize, budget and manage time. Offering apps, downloads, charts, time management and self help ideas. \\  Another topic for the ebook could be what participants are on Medicaid and or Medicare. Also what amount of people receiving foodstamps or other forms of help. Offer food pantry locations and coupons to users. \\ Create hits about the type of service they receive and is it terrible or quality service. Hits conducted could offer list of Doctors that accept Medicaid in each state. This will also lead to creating hits regarding, making lists, finding Medicaid Doctors, easy web research and data entry. Also this will lead into hits focused on finding printable coupons and sites to join. Also easy web research of creating lists of food pantry’s in each state city by city. \\ A topic and crowdsource idea is for people who do not know their roots. Who they are is in question, due to being an orphan, abandoned or whatever unfortunate circumstance is creating their mystery. \\ Hits in this topic could be focused on unity, bringing people together. Do a census based hit. Offer a list of services or a specific service like lawyer, DNA testing centers and genealogists in the area. This can create other hits such as, web research of family lawyers and genealogist worldwide and create excel spreadsheet. \\  A great topic for the ebook would be a self evaluation test. Are people really connected with who they are? How can people explore opportunities for the better if the opportunity for the better if it is hidden? \\ Hits could contain and be focused on Anger management, happiness, depression, stability, emotional health, physical health, mental overall health, self awareness, self- esteem, kindness, and decision making. \\ Offering self-help book links, self building guides with helpful tips on improving yourself and your environment. Fung-shway tips and helpful lists of improving free flowing energy. \\ The budget for this would be easy web research, copy and paste, creating spreadsheet lists. Approximately,​ $4,000 - $7,000. To get a wide range of applicants/​participants and actually do the better go for our world we live in because it’s the little stuff that counts and makes a big difference for everyone. \\ I like pursuing these types of topics, self help and world unity because I believe if we all begin to know ourselves, respect ourselves and others the world would be a much better, happier and safer place for us to live. Community and global awareness and help is essential for life. Everyone will be blessed beyond belief because the satisfaction of helping and ending conflict is priceless.\\ \\ ---\\ \\ [[https://​requester.mturk.com/​mturk/​adjudicateAssignments#​|A3T3PWDIBVW0DH]]\\ ​ “Who We Are: Explaining Ourselves Through Celebrities” Budget: Crowdsource HITS = $1,000 Edit: a few hours of editing by editor = ~$200 Compile: compile by author = ~$0 Other (graphics, cover, online publishing) = ~$500 Total = ~$1,700 Plan Possible HITs: 1. If you were to try and explain yourself using different parts from different well­known people, how would you describe the way you look? $3.00 per HIT for extensive answer 2. What celebrities have traits that most people would recognize? What are those traits? $0.50 per HIT for a few examples 3. Make a photo of how you see yourself with body parts of different celebrities $5.00 per HIT MTurkers will complete around 150 HITs for #1 in order to compile the content of the book. Then, around 50 HITs of #2 would be completed and the results would be used to weed out replies to HIT #1 that are not suitable for example. Around one or two replies to HIT #1 would be given per page on the book after being edited in order to ensure easy to follow, grammatically correct formatting. Pictures of celebrities may be intersped throughout the book if the budget allows. Also, at some point in the book would be a chart, possibly a bar graph, showing the results of the second HIT. The graphics would show which celebrities have traits that are easily identifiable and which traits of celebrities are the most noticed. Also, MTurkers could be asked to create a photo of how they see themselves using parts of celebrities. This would include photoshopping different body parts of famous people in order to create an entire body. They could also be asked to give a name to their new “self” that may incorporate some aspect of how they see themselves or the celebrities they identify with. It could also be possible for MTurkers to create an “ideal self” using the body parts of celebrities. If they have also completed a body of how they see themselves this could be published alongside the ideal self in the book as a comparison for the readers. I like this topic the best because it is something that everyone can relate to that is also fun. It is not a boring 1,000 word reply by an MTurker who is completing the HIT reluctantly to make a few dollars.. Rather, it would attract people with a real passion for expressing themselves who would see this as a unique way to think about themselves. MTurkers rarely come across fun HITs that involve creativity. Usually HITs are long surveys that ask mundane questions \\  over and over until the person completing the survey is about to go out of their mind. For this reason I think this project would be completed enthusiastically and quickly by MTurkers. Also, I think the public would enjoy the book because it is something that they could easily relate to because they would know the majority of the celebrities and maybe they could even identify with some of the parts themselves.\\ ​ --\\ [[https://​requester.mturk.com/​mturk/​adjudicateAssignments#​|A1W8MCDVS6DDWE]]\\ **Write a book on imaginary stories.**\\ \\  A book consisting of totally imaginary articles that allows Mturk users to swirl their minds and go beyond boundaries and write whatever comes in their mind. It can be a sky riding at Antartica, breakfast date with Shakira and dinner with Angelina Jolie. :)Yes, this HIT will be a great place to kindle their minds and see how far one can go.\\ \\  Let us now draft a concrete plan.\\ \\ **Parameter 1 - HIT Title** - This is a unique trait that will pull in users to work on our task. It has to be as dramatic and out of the box as possible.\\ ​ “Memory Ride”, “Utopia”,​ “Roller Coaster moments” are some suggestions.\\ \\ **Parameter 2 - HIT Cost -** Higher the cost,more the users. Let us give 2$ per HIT.\\ \\ **Parameter 3 - No.of words** - Since our article has no restrictions and users are free to write their mind, words can be minimum 500 words.\\ \\ **Parameter 4 - No of HITS** - 500 HITS. Total cost would be 1000$. \\ \\ **Parameter 5 - Decide on the target audience** - We should now decide who will be our readers. I would prefer to target youths who love fantasies and wild adventures.\\ \\ **Parameter 6 - Filter and proofread** - We need to filter out imaginary stories that adhere to the requirements we want. Of course, proofreading is definitely required and we cannot completely rely on users.\\ \\ **Parameter 7 - Proofreading Tool** - Evaluate if a license has to be bought for using a proofread tool\\ \\ **Parameter 8 - Incentives/​Bonus for good stories** - Encouragement for good works from our users will result in good quality articles. If we are overly pleased by the story, let us value his/her time and effort by giving monetary benefits. We can even ask him/her to write another article too.\\ \\ **Parameter 9** - **Book Cover** - Very important component which has to be focussed on. If needed, we can hire a graphic designer and make an artistic image of our cover. Again, it could be our USP.\\ \\ **Parameter 10 Publishers** - A reputed publisher like Penguin will make our life easy. Yes, it is tough and painful to get it published. Even if things do not work well, we should try publishing with a decent publisher to get traction.\\ \\ **Parameter 11 Marketing strategy** - Social media marketing, reaching out to college students(who are our potential readers) are great strategies that will work out.\\ \\ **Parameter 12 Book cost** - We should not set the value too low and also not too high. An optimal value of 5$ is my suggestion.\\ \\ **Parameter 13 - No of copies** - Initially, let us print 1000 copies and circulate across major bookstore in US.\\ \\  I believe I have the patience, perseverance and calibre to get this challenging task done.\\ \\  ---
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