Coffee Triangles

Triangles are a unique peer grouping system that we use at Lifebushido. With Coffee Stories, we are now starting a new set of Coffee Stories Triangles for Turkshidos who are interested in getting involved with the project. If you would like to join a Coffee Triangle, please email to request to be assigned into a team. In your email, please give your name, some background, and indicate that you would like to join a Coffee Triangle. If you would like to be a Moderator, Scribe, or Connector (as discussed below), please indicate so in your email.


Coffee Triangles will start with 4-5 Turkshidos interested in contributing to the Coffee Stories project. Your groups may fluctuate as the project continues.

  • Three people in the Triangle have the following roles:
  • Moderator - leader of Triangle who organizes meetings and structure and leads Triangle forward
  • Scribe - note-taker and documenter of Triangle who does wiki updates and other written info for Triangle
  • Connector - person who connects Triangle to other Triangles to form Circle of three Triangles and seeks ideas from other Triangles


* We suggest that Moderator organizes communication on multiple levels immediately.
* The first Triangle Meeting of conference call should be 30-60 minutes. Allow 5-10 minutes for each member to describe their background, how they got involved with Coffee Stories, and their hopes/goals for the project. This is a get-to-know-you call.
* We suggest 3x per week scheduled chat/IM sessions and 1x per week 30-60 minute Triangle Meeting
* Chat: All members should have chat IM account for shared communication
* Wiki page: Every triangle has their own wiki pages for communication under this page, and they should use as many pages as they want for any useful purpose.
* Voice conference: Use or similar service for conference calls.

Lifebushido Triangle was started in early 2008 as a test of a radical idea to organize new hires and Ishidos, which is what we call people working at LIfebushido. The idea of the Lifebushido Triangle is a huge vision within our motto of “Anything is Possible.” We hope to have hundreds of Lifebushido Triangles over the coming years, which will help you, help Lifebushido, help others in your triangle, and in ways hard to describe, helps society/community. Whether you have been with Lifebushido for over 1,000 days or have just started, please give it a shot. Thanks - Steve Kantor (believe me this concept is big and important for growth of company and your growth within company).
The Idea

* Ishidos group into a Lifebushido Triangle of three or four people to help each other.
* Benefits: Networking, support, information, find more work, touch base, encouragement, insight, direction, someone to contact.
* Triangles seek to help each other out with Lifebushido as new hires and fellow Ishidos and with life by sharing ideas and experiences in a safe, confidential, and affirming group.
* Triangles are a support group for new hires, offering insight into Lifebushido; advice, feedback and assistance on first tasks; and a shared human voice of other new hires.
* Triangles communicate via email, phone calls, IM, video chat, wiki pages, Twitter, and other tools.
* Triangles communicate at least once a week, preferably with a scheduled 30 minute phone call or chat session.
* Triangles are likely to form strong bonds which will help people with their work at Lifebushido, getting all the hours that they want to work, getting work involving their unique talents, and improving various aspects of their overall life.
* If someone leaves a Triangle, Lifebushido will help find a replacement.
* A Lifebushido Forum is created by three Triangles connecting together to create a Forum of nine people. 
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