Coffee Stories Marketing Materials

- By Oiendrilla Das

For marketing, we can use this strategy:
1. we can create audios of smaller versions of the coffee stories. These stories can be played at the different coffee shops. the full story should not be given, till the climax it should be given- and should be concluded with saying- “For more, enjoy the book”. these stories can create a very special and warm ambience inside the coffee-store and induce love. the voice in the audio should be great. (I will make an Audio and upload itas a sample)

Coffee Stories - Marketing Materials

Life happens…


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Be inspired


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Share your story


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Douse the sunrise with coffee.


Stories you can't forget


These are raw unedited written marketing materials.
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Coffee Stories
Generations of people from all walks of life have patronized coffee shops. Within coffee shops people find more than a hot cup of brew, they find inspiration, comfort, and an escape from the same ol' grind.
Coffee Stories is a non-fiction book that shares the true-life amazing stories of people and their experiences in coffee shops. This diverse multi-generational cast of voices have all experienced a life changing event on a casual day in a coffee shop.

Coffee Stories is about the amazing things that happen every day. Life is exciting, adventurous, and unexpected. Discover stories about life callings, new friendships and true love. Anything is possible. Life changing events happen when people sieze opportunity, when they allow life to take them on a journey. Simple moments in life are often those which define life.
We would like to thank everyone who shared an inspirational story with us. Without their heartfelt contributions, this work would not be possible.

Find out more about Coffee Stories, the book and creative collective project of Lifebushido LLC:

For Immediate Release: Lifebushido – The Collective Voice of Creative Coffee Lovers
Besides providing a great cup of joe, coffee shops have provided a sound and fertile ground for creativity and the development of new artistic projects. During the month of June 2009, Lifebusido has collected stories, art, script ideas and entertaining quips utilizing Amazon Mechanical Turk ( The subject of this collaborative project is life changing positive stories that happened in coffee shops.The goal of this process is to publish a book and to launch related creative microventures. You are encouraged to join our collective. If you are creative this project and soon to be published book is for you.

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Coffee Stories – A Tradition of Timeless Tales
Since Kaldi's pastoral frolic with his goats, coffee has provided inspiration, motivation, and industry. The sacred coffee bean has brought us to a global community. Steaming cups of this fragrant and intoxicating elixir warm our minds, spirits, bodies and souls. Coffee has allowed us to intimately share our personal tales. Such tales belong to each of us within the great coffee commune; those of us who truly appreciate the experience of following the trail of coffee, as it guides our individual journeys and adventures sought. We remain forever interwoven within the timeless thread of coffee's continual story. Coffee Stories brilliantly illustrates this elaborate tradition.

Find out more about Coffee Stories, the book and creative collective project of Lifebushido LLC:

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