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This page is for Turkshidos who contributed marketing ideas for Coffee Stories and got private email from Lifebushido asking for their further input.
Version: 6/17/2009

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7/23/09-I'm at my local coffee house every single day. Sometimes twice a day. There is so much that happens there. On the show Friends they had their coffee place and every single episode they were there at some point. The reason being coffee shops are where it's all happening anymore. I've seen happy, sad, angry, confused and so many other other types of people at any given moment. There is more then a book here, there could possibly be a documentary.

6/20/09 - As far as I've been instructed, Coffee Stories is a collection of stories about everyday people much like myself (and they do include myself. Remember Recycled by Necessity? That's me!). These collections are being put together and published as a book. Now, a book is great. These people have many heartwarming stories of success, reuniting with long lost friends, etc. But obviously there is so much more that Coffee Stories can do. Making it not only into a book but also a coffee table book increases the novelty and hook in your selling market. Also, a great idea might be to team up with a Coffee Brand and use some of these short stories in commercials and other advertisements to boost book sales even more. Both chain and independent cafes and coffee shops often sell books with recipes or whatever else they fancy, and there's even a possibility of book promotion in the main place people get coffee and make great stories like the ones you're publishing.
In 1,000 days, I think the most amazing outcome for Coffee Stories would be not only publication, but a following of coffee lovers with big hearts and the need for a good story to pair with their cup of coffee. A website for the fans, with photos of some of the real people who helped make Coffee Stories. I'm not sure that I would carry much part in the role of Coffee Stories having a big debut and much success, but rather everyone who wrote in, everyone who experienced something unique with their hot beverage. We all helped to make this possible.
Something odd crosses my mind, though. Will Coffee Stories be coming to the masses in hard copy? Or just kept as an ebook? You could make Coffee Stories in print something eco-friendly by using recycled paper (and maybe making the covers out of disposable coffee cups!).

6/21/09 - Possible TV series - Coffee Stories - one story per episode, drawn out a bit with some backstory.

6/21/09 - Initial thoughts of where these ads could be posted:
literary / book review chat forums
Amazon and other online bookstore reader communities
any social media site where someone can link to what they are reading now
any review website for which someone has an account

6/24/09 - In line with the previous ideas, this is not the type of book that one would pick up a read form cover to cover. I suggest that you include pictures and drawings to break up the spaces.

6/25/09: Regarding the hard copy, it could be done on those recycled cardboard (some are thinner than others) warmer sleeves for disposable coffee cups as well. Also, regarding possible TV series/CoffeeStories episodes, I would say something like YouTube.com or DemandStudios.com would provide the perfect platform.

6/25/09: Also, regarding webisodes via YouTube.com and/or DemandStudios.com type outlets, set up an email subscription page from the official project website, so that subscribers could have each webisode sent directly to the email inbox, as each new episode is released.

6/26/09 A podcast would be excellent. Printing mini-stories on those cardboard coffee sleeves is a good idea, but I think someone also mentioned it. Napkins with spots to write your own coffee story?

06/26/09: I would like to suggest setting up a closed group on Facebook of the contributors to Coffee Stories. It may not do much to promote the book, but it would be interesting to see faces behind the stories.

07/16/09: This is Oiendrilla. I would suggest creation of small versions of audio of Coffee stories that can be played in the background at book-stores or coffee shops. But the whole story would not be enacted there- only a part to build up curiosity. bring out audios to be played in stores in phases.

07/23/09: Instead of napkins, what about postcards? Something like Post Secret. Print up postcards with a teaser on the front, pre-addressed to a PO Box; people can just write in their stories, stick on a stamp and drop it in the mail. Then get people in every city to leave stacks of them at all the local coffee shops. Have a book with the best and a website that features new stories every week, so people would keep sending them in.

7/23/09 - You could always have the release parties in coffee shops across the country (or across the world if you wanted to think that big). I know Starbucks recently did a free pastry day and it was a huge hit. Something like that. Or you could just have the release parties there, with people talking about why and how they contributed. Either way, I think it would be a great release party. I do like the idea of putting them on coffee sleeves though - that's a neat idea.

7/23/09 - I would suggest if this was to be in print form a coffee table book that features pictures of the coffee house so you really get the background of the place. But an electronic only release may be more appropriate. Perhaps a Kindle release…

7/23/09- If you haven't thought of a design for the book yet (not sure how far you are with this) maybe you should make it look like a book that people would find on coffee tables at people's houses. Since coffee isn't only drunk in shops but also in homes I thought this would be a fun idea for a book design so when someone buys it they may not feel the urge to put it on their shelf but to place it on their coffee table so when they can't get to their favorite coffee hang out they can have a friend over and there it will be!

7/24/09 - How about printing the stories on coasters with an invitation at the back for people to write their stories. Or a coffee stick with a teaser.

7/24/09- Make the book like a travel guide complete with blank areas for the readers to add notes and mementos from each shop they visit. Then in addition you could have a website where people could add comments, stories and photos from the shops they have visited. And of course the site should have a “find a shop by city” feature.

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