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These are mini press releases for Coffee Stories. Each was written by a different person and shows the wisdom of crowds and the power of crowdsourcing. See for work in progress.

Coffee Stories is unique and creative projects that collect stories written by ordinary people about the extraordinary things that happen in coffee shops and the changes those events bring to their lives. The content for Coffee Stories was gathered through crowdsourcing, that is, issuing an open call to a community of contributors-for-hire by way of Amazon’s Mturk. These stories will be the beginning of a series of ongoing business and creative endeavors, starting with a book and ending wherever the brainstorming process leads. The same collaborative process that produced the book will determine where Coffee Stories will go next. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

At Lifebushido we believe that anything is possible. Even a single trip to a coffee shop can change your life forever. Over a cup of coffee, you can find the love of your life, make a life altering decision, or meet a new lifelong friend. That’s why Lifebushido wants to hear your stories of life changing events that occurred in a coffee shop. Send your interesting coffee shop stories to so they can be shared with others in an inspirational book about how the ordinary things in life can become extraordinary when least expected. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

A cup of coffee and a slice of life is what can be found by reading through Lifebushido’s collection of coffee stories. Coffee Stories celebrates the atmosphere of the coffee shop by providing readers with a selection of stories and anecdotes relating the amazing occurrences that serendipitously happen while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Life itself runs through the fabric of Coffee Stories as the reader is exposed to key moments in the lives of the storytellers. From the discovery of new love and new friends to the development of key business contacts, Coffee Stories has an experience for everyone. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Do you share moments of your life around a table at a coffee shop? Did you experience the most evocative moments of your life over a cup of coffee? We’ve collected a staggering array of human stories, from tragedy to comedy, thrilling to funny, thoughtless to thought provoking, a wide range of human life distilled and brewed within the coffee shop. Coffee Stories, our new book, is best savored along side your favorite cup of Java, Joe, or Mocha cream latte as long as it is coffee. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Is coffee a daily ritual for you? Do you go out to coffee shops to fulfill this need? Have you ever had a defining moment in your life in one of these establishments? If so, this is the place for you. Coffee Stories is an interactive community that allows users to contribute stories about how coffee shops have shaped their lives. This site not only allows you to share your stories and read stories from other people, it is a wiki that allows you to control the subject matter you find on the site. Are you ready for a completely interactive resource that allows you to share your passion for coffee shops with similarly interested people? Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Coffee Stories, everyone has one, even if you don’t drink coffee. All those little bits of ourselves we reveal as we sit in the warm embrace of a coffee shop with a friend who listens more than they talk. We linger over a cup of coffee or a mug of tea while picking at the last vestiges of the sweet roll we ordered, but shouldn’t have. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall and listen in on some of these conversations? Coffee Stories is just that - a compilation of stories of love, friendship, grief, success, and life. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact Then take Coffee Stories with you to your favorite coffee shop, get a cup of coffee just the way you like it, find a comfortable chair and venture into someone else’s life for awhile.

One thing I do daily, after brushing my teeth, is to visit my local coffee shop. It is not just the cup of coffee. I get to witness interesting incidents and meet interesting people. To any person, it is the hour in the coffee shop that keeps him or her at their creative best. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a place to collect all these amazing coffee shop moments from all over the world? Lifebushido is doing exactly that. This exciting venture includes the release of a book of coffee shop memories and incidents. I know for sure that many would be curious to know about this. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Since Kaldi's pastoral frolic with his goats, coffee has long since provided inspiration, motivation, and industry. The sacred coffee bean has created a global community, to intimately share many stories and tales, all perpetually honoring the sacred tradition of warming the mind, spirit, body and soul over steaming cups of the fragrant, intoxicating elixir. These familiar stories belong to each of us within the great coffee commune; those of us who truly appreciate the experience of following the trail of coffee, as it guides our individual journeys and adventures sought, while we yet remain interwoven within the timeless thread of the continual story. Coffee Stories brilliantly illustrates this elaborate tradition. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Reading Coffee Stories from Lifebushido is a great way to start your day – just like that fresh cup of java from your local brew master’s shop! The narratives one will find in Coffee Stories are charming, inquisitive, uplifting and always entertaining. All of the narratives have the common theme of taking place inside coffee shops! Whether it's a story about a first date, falling in love, opening a new business or reconnecting with friends, one is sure to find it at Coffee Stories. After reading some of the pieces, one is sure to ask him or herself: “Have I ever had something great happen over coffee at a coffeehouse?” And then the fun really begins. The creator of Coffee Stories, Lifebushido, asks anyone and everyone to participate in the wonderful world of storytelling as related to his or her coffee shop experiences. It's a wonderful new form of social media for all of you coffeehouse addicts and mocha mamas! So, what are you waiting for? Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Coffee Houses Produce Creativity And Originality - Website Offers Insight and Ideas For Creative People… Besides providing a great cup of joe, coffee shops have provided a sound and fertile place for creativity and the development of new artistic projects. Over the last couple of weeks, Lifebushido has been collecting stories, art, script ideas and entertainment quips through Mturk (an information collecting website through Amazon). The goal of this process was to develop a book of shared ideas, in hopes that some of these projects might see the light of day. Creativity is encouraged and projects are open for others to finish or develop further. If you are creative, or hope to become more creative, this website and soon to be published book is for you. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Over the years there have been many places people have gone to for inspiration, to find comfort, and to get away from the hard times that define life. Coffee Stories is a non-fiction book, a collection of stories compiled together in order to share the true-life, amazing stories of people and their experiences in coffee shops. These people come from all walks of life, but they all had their lives changed forever on a chance day in a coffee shop. These stories were compiled over time from the idea that amazing things can happen even in the simple, boring, and everyday. Through these stories we can see that life doesn't have to be the same boring routine it can be exciting, adventurous, and unexpected. From this book and through these amazing stories and examples I hope you will see and realize how amazing and unexpected life truly can be. There are no limits and anything can happen. Who knows what will be waiting for you: your next inspiration, your calling in life, meeting a new friend, or maybe even finding true love. We would like to thank all those who shared their amazing stories with us, they were truly inspirational. Without every one of them this work would not be possible. These people had their lives changed by seizing the opportunities and letting life take them on a journey. Always remember like any of these people, anything can happen to you when step out the front door. All you have to do is take some chances try new things and enjoy all life has to offer you and you'll be amazed at what happens. So keep your eyes open and never overlook even the simple things in life because you never know who or what might be waiting for you, and remember life doesn't always have to be the same ol' grind.
Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

The latest news is about coffee stories, these stories were written by the people, and are a collection of life stories of everyday affairs written by you, the public, over a matter of months. Lifebushido is the company behind this fabulous book. Everybody has put their time, effort and their own personal experiences in this true to life book. This is a book you will not put down once you start to read it. This is a truly amazing project which will be on the book shelves forever. Buy this masterpiece to share with the generations to come, you will be glued from cover to cover. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Maybe you had more time to hang out at the coffee shop when you were studying hard in college, or maybe you still visit your local coffee shop regularly. Either way almost all of us have a story of something inspiring, fun or maybe even intense that happened around the coffee table. Maybe you fell in or out of love at your local coffee shop; maybe a stranger turned into a best friend while you were waiting for your latte. Your original stories are wanted! Coffee Stories is a heart-warming project for coffee lovers (and even those who might prefer a cup of tea) everywhere. Now is the time to share that story with the people who will appreciate it most. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

While waiting in line for your morning coffee have you ever wondered what is going on in the lives of your fellow baristas or fellow customers? Or think about the culture that makes you coffee house unique? One new book is taking advantage of the crowd sourcing movement to answer both of those questions. Coffee Stories is the new work in progress of Lifebushido. The goal of Coffee Stories is a focus on the events or occurrences in a coffee shop and how they affect people’s lives. Through the growing trend of crowd sourcing you get the true feel of what makes coffee houses special from the people who visit them. Find or share the inside stories that make coffee house unique from any other social location. Interested? Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Writers around the world spend countless hours writing excellent articles for us in coffee houses, but who tells their story? Who tells the story of their coffee house? Lifebushido is making sure these stories are told. Don't be surprised if you find their imaginative, new book on a coffee table near you. Are you a writer who has spent countless long hours typing furiously at your favorite java spot? Or perhaps you are a young writer, working towards your first book, and need some inspiration? In either case, Coffee Stories is meant for you. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Do you love coffee? Do you enjoy being a part of the social scene at your local coffee shop? Do walk away from your daily visit with fond memories of visiting with friends and meeting new people? No doubt about it - you'll want to visit the web's newest site for sharing all stories coffee-related at Your contribution will add to the online ambiance of a virtual coffee shop where you can meet new friends and tell your favorite stories about your life experiences at your favorite real-life java hangout. Stop in anytime, share your thoughts, and don't forget to let Coffee Stories know about your favorite coffee memories. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

Most everyone has been to a coffee shop at least one time in their lives, and for some, the memory of what would otherwise be a mundane occasion, lives on in their hearts and minds for years to come? Coffee Stories is a place to come together and share those moments in coffee shops that sparked the imagination, spawned love, invigorated the senses, amused, or bewildered. Coffee Stories brings all of the experiences together in one place to be shared with others. Dreamers have come together to spawn ideas of what these vignettes may bring to others. Much of the content on the site has so far been crowd sourced from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk hits. Someday, it may shine, but it will need help. Share your stories. Learn more and get a free ebook download at or contact

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