Coffee Stories - Make a Video

This is details on making a Coffee Stories video. More details on getting involved:
Version: 7/23/2009


  • Get 10 people around the world to post draft videos on YouTube about Coffee Stories
  • Use videos in marketing efforts to explain concept and encourage more videos
  • Work on big goal of crowdsourcing a global movie about Coffee Stories filmed by people around the world at over 100 coffee shops

Important for All Videos

  • Post when done to with keyword coffeestories and Lifebushido
  • You decide whether you want yourself in the video or not, it is not required. You can interview other people.
  • You decide whether you want to mention your name or not in video.
  • Start of video and also last few seconds of video must show a sign or titles saying something like:
  • Near start of video, explain with similar to:
  • “This video is part of Coffee Stories, a global project started by Lifebushido. Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents. Join us!”
  • Videos can be 1-10 minutes, as you see fit.

Video 1 - Interviews at Your Local Coffee Shop

  • Go to your local favorite coffee shop.
  • Hand out flyers to 10-20 people before you start filming so they have a chance to read before you interview a few people.
  • Video front of store and location: Film intro outside of store to show store and brand and mention your city, state, country
  • Video inside of store: Do a pan of inside of store so we see workers behind counter, perhaps smiling and waving, and customers. Wording can be something like “you never know what coffee stories happen here at this coffee shop…”
  • Video explanation of concept: Explain Coffee Stories project and then explain you are going to interview people
  • Video customers: Interview people and ask them about any Coffee Story that has happened to them at that coffee shop or another coffee shop. They can say their name or not say their name.
  • Video workers: Ask same question of a worker
  • Video end: Wrap it up and do closing of video with website info to contact.

Video 2 - Creative Ideas for Coffee Stories

  • Film yourself or have someone film you or film friends.
  • Talk about how you found out about Coffee Stories and the global project
  • Share your favorite story from draft ebook if you want and meaning to you
  • Share a few wildly creative ideas of ways to spread and share Coffee Stories and ideas
  • Encourage people to go to website to share their story, perhaps be published in future book, and join the project

Video 3 - Your Ideas

  • Edit wiki you are reading with EDIT button on upper right and create your own video idea.
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