Coffee Stories - Create a Book

Create a book using various self-publishing tools.
Version: 7/26/2009


  • Have people create custom creative versions of Coffee Stories using self-publishing tools
  • Have people do mash-ups of growing Coffee Stories content

Publishing Tools

  • Please use tool requested unless you were told to choose among all tools below
  • Blurb - coffee table art book - Create a 10-30 page artistic version with mix of content, stories, flyers/graphics from project, and perhaps some coffee related photos you personally take or available public domain on web or you purchase on web.


  • Read over all instructions. Come up with your ideas.
  • Deadline to complete is within 3 days of telling us you are starting.
  • We will pay for up to 10 complete HITs. Add your name and info at bottom to reserve a spot on first 10. If you are after #10, do not start any work unless the other 10 do not complete the HIT fully and email us back 1 week later to ask if still a need for the HIT.
  • We are looking to create up to 10 different books at $25/each person HIT.
  • If you complete a book, but the HIT is no longer visible or available to you, we will get you payment by posting a private HIT for you.
  • Decide on a theme for your book, for example it could be Romance related, or Employment, or Brainstorming or Global or Marketing Ideas. Be as creative as possible. However, content MUST come from the Lifebushido Coffee Stories content book/wiki pages. We are not seeking books on coffee or other coffee-related topics/random topics.
  • Title: Decide on title for book based. Have subtitle or 2nd title of Coffee Stories somewhere but you can come up with a different main title or subtitle
  • Author: Lifebushido and XXX. XXX can be your name if you want
  • Bio page: You can have 1 page of the book in front or back for either something creative from you, like a poem or essay, or your bio or a combination or dedication to someone in your life.
  • PDF proof: Blurb allows you to have people view a sample 10-20 pages of the PDF. Focus on those being interesting enough.
  • Book length can be 10-40 pages - your choice.
  • Size and format - you decide on size and format of book, we suggest coffee table format is the original plan
  • Email blurb login when done
  • Publish book to blurb when done. Do not worry if not perfect. You need to publish it so we can view PDF sample of pages. Edit the book settings to make the book public and check the box to enable book preview.
  • Review Blurb newsletters and blogs and technical info for some ideas.
  • Email to say you will be doing the HIT and asking questions or suggesting creative directions.
  • Create a new Gmail ( email address for this purpose so you can provide Lifebushido with email and login/passwords when done to review/modify as needed
  • Be sure to put your name and any dedication as contributing author to book. Author should be Lifebushido and your name if you wish.
  • You may have one page of book of anything you want about yourself, the project, or how you became aware of Coffee Stories or a story or dedication.
  • You may use any Coffee Stories content you find in draft version or wiki pages or other pages on web. This includes stories, marketing ideas, marketing graphics, etc.
  • Many different ideas are possible:
  • Choose your favorite stories and edit down to essence
  • Mix it up with photos and flyers
  • If you have graphic needs, email us to get graphics work done
  • Combine some creative marketing ideas
  • Design your own cover
  • If you want your own copy of your book, just order/buy a copy online at author's price.
  • When done, send us link to website/url to review/order
  • We will complete one proofread and email you with typos and suggested changes. You must complete the edit per our suggestions in order to qualify as a completed HIT.
  • Email any questions as you go

Turkshidos Working on Blurb Book

  • Enter your information below if you are working on HIT. Fill in next number. Put your firstname and last initial, like Steve K., then the title and link to Blurb book once you published it, number of pages, format you chose and anything else about book or you that you want to share. Feel free to add a link to your own website/blog. Tell us whether you have ever created and published a book before, or whether this will be your first time. How excited are you?
  • 1. Missa T. [book-creating newb!] –> link to published book.] Completed, public, & ready to be proofed. Cut some pages out; I thought that the book was getting a bit long-winded & decided to make it about 15 pages of content. Included note pages in the back, since it seemed pretty obvious to do that.
  • 2.Lara S. [online magazine editor - first book!] —→ link posted soon. Just to fill in a bit on my concept: I'm collecting the stories that relate to finding work, whether it's a new job or an entrepreneurial activity. Tentative title is “Coffee Connections.” Given the economy, and how many people are out looking right now, I think it's a topic that many potential readers will find relevant. I'm using the 7“x7” book format. My book comes in at around 16 pages. Blurb requires 20, so, I've added a few blank ones at the back. Good place for readers to add notes, maybe? Please check the discussion page, I'll be adding more there & would love to hear from others.
  • 3.Cheryl H. [another book-creating n00b] —→ link posted soon.
  • 4. Niki H. [book creating newbie!] –> Coffee and Romance ( ). Completed, public, and ready to be proofed! A collection of love/romance stories stemming from meetings in a coffee shop. About 20 pages long. Last 4 or 5 pages are for notes, perhaps for friends or family to share any related stories they may have?
  • 5. Susan B. [creative thinker and new author]—> Had to go back to the drawing board, almost done with book - title to be “Coffee, Love & Wedding Bells.” Working in Blurb. Should be about 12-15 pages - link to be posted soon.
  • 6. Christy H. [non-professional lover of writing and creative endeavors]—> link to be posted soon.
  • 7. Alyssa S. M. {journalist & amateur photographer} – Never published a book before. Completed first draft using BookSmart Blurb – Title – French Steep: Images of French Food, Landmarks & Toilets – 32 pages – I'll get rid of two pages. I choose small square format—–>link ready to post
  • 8. Zach O. Yet Another Book-Creating newb, should have a link soon :)
  • 9. Julie S. (Withdrawn my submission/plans to create book, as I misread the instructions above and had began working on an individual booklet of original narrative, not narrative/text taken directly from Lifebushido Coffee Stories…my apologies.
  • 10.Daniel M. ( Link to be posted soon. Very interested in this creative platform, beautiful idea for a lucrative endeavor.)
  • 11. Elaine S. {Author & amateur photographer} - I've published one e-book and am very interested in doing more layout/editing/publishing work. Not starting work until I am sure there is a spot, but I'm quick and creative so I hope I get a chance. :)

*12. June C. Writer. finally figured out how this works! Yay!
13. Robin F.. {Lover of coffee} - I'm working on a nice photo album of coffee picture mixed with writings from coffee stories, it's called Hey You, Coffee Brain!

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