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This page is for creative project of collecting stories from people about life events at coffee shops that had significant impact on their life and creative ideas for business and creative ventures with various media around the stories, starting with a book. Email us at with questions, comments, or to get involved.
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· Get Involved: Signup for email updates for free new version and next crowdsourcing steps: Coffee Stories Email Signup
· Free Draft Ebook PDF: free download of 110 page draft book - enjoy - you wrote it!
· Coffee Stories - Book Versions - this is various book versions using Blurb and other platforms for publishing

Almost all of this content was crowdsourced from Mturk during 2008 and 2009. These are various files of raw content in progress. You can share with anyone. You can review to get ideas to complete HITs on Mturk or brainstorm with us. Get creative, let your unique talents shine! :)

· Share your Coffee Story - for people to add new coffee stories
· Getting Involved with Coffee Stories - for Turkshidos or anyone who wants to get more involved
· Coffee Stories - Marketing Materials - flyers and marketing materials to print and hand-out to people
· Coffee Stories - Marketing Press Releases - mini press releases for posting on websites and blogs
· Coffee Stories - Secret Marketing Idea Page - this is for Turkshidos to contribute marketing ideas and comment on marketing ideas
· Coffee Stories - Make a Video - details on making and posting video to YouTube
· Coffee Stories - Create a Book - make a book using Blurb

- a sample of HITs that have appeared on Amazon Mechanical Turk
· Turkshido: Coffee Stories - Make Video or Creative PowerPoint
· Turkshido: Coffee Stories - Connect us with coffee shop owner
· Turkshido: Coffee Stories - Write mini press release for postings
· Turkshido: Coffee Stories - Design a marketing flyer
· Turkshido: Coffee Stories - Write a testimonial
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· Turkshido: Making a Movie ideas - Coffee Stories

Coffee Stories: Rate and Categorize Stories (Note: Public Rating and Categorization has been completed.)

Optional - enjoy
Download raw content as free ebook:

Accessing Stories

· Go to the Quickbase Coffee Stories database (You do not need a Quickbase login to rate stories.* )
· Click the “V” icon located to the left of an entry to view a story.
· Click on the edit button located on the bottom left of the page to rate a story.
· Click the save button on the bottom of the page to save your rating.
· You can also do Save Next to go to next record to rate

Rating Stories

Ratings are based on a 0-5 scale:
0 – Unacceptable. Entry is completely off-topic, highly offensive or lacks substance. Entry should definitely not be included in multi-media production.
1 – Poor. Entry is on topic but I did not like it. Entry should likely not be included in multi-media production.
2 – Fair. Entry is fair but less than average. Unsure if entry should be included in multi-media production.
3 – Average. Entry is average. Entry should likely be considered for publication in multi-media, but is not my favorite.
4 – Good. Entry is good. Entry should definitely appear in a multi-media production.
5 – Excellent. Entry is excellent and one of my favorites. Entry should be main feature of a multi-media production.
*If you would like to be considered for future Lifebushido projects you can create an account by clicking on the “Sign In” link located on the upper right corner of the page, then clicking on the “Not a QuickBase user? Create a log-in.” link. Please use a valid email address. Quickbase will send an activation link to you from Quickbase's corpsales account. Click the link in the email to activate your account. Include your email address when completing rating tasks.

Editing Content
Remove vulgar entries.
Remove duplicate entries.
Remove potentially libel information.
Remove last names and any addresses or email addresses.
Fix any misspelled words.
Fix any grammar issues.
**Overall the goal is to make the paragraph correct with the least amount of repairs necessary, spelling and grammar need to be changed and words can be added or removed to improve the ease of reading or the ability to comprehend the information.

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